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What we do

Factory brings best in class technology businesses together with early stage startups and talents by providing an outstanding work environment, a curated community of founders and quality events. To enable entrepreneurs and innovators is our mission. 



Outstanding workplace

Factory is a campus for startups and mature tech companies in Berlin Mitte, at the heart of a growing ecosystem. We offer an outstanding work environment with communal areas designed to facilitate collaboration. From a desk to 200 sqm units and 1.000 sqm and above. For office space contact us here.


Support by Mentors and Consultants

Distillery is an organic accelerator aimed at startups and founders at any stage. Help is provided in various fields (e.g. law, financing, technology, design and branding). In office hours first issues are adressed and answered with the help of our network of mentors and industry specialists. For more information contact us here.


A Jumpstart to the Berlin Ecosystem

Residency is a service providing apartments to founders, talents, designers, programmers and other contributors. If you are lucky your stay is sponsored by one of our partners. Whether you just came to Berlin or finished school, this is the perfect place to get started. For availability contact us here.

News from Factory & Friends

Our Residents

Factory residents are early-stage startups, local heroes and international technology giants that represent the best of the booming Berlin ecosystem. Factory provides them with the space and support they need to innovate, collaborate and grow: because we <3 entrepreneurship. 


Our Motivation

The idea of the Factory was born in 2011, when we were looking for space to bring together likeminded founders. We found a group of buildings next to the Berlin wall, which offered the chance to create something special - a campus for internet-enabled businesses in the heart of Berlin. 

Our mission is to create advantages for startups by providing space and support for them to start or grow their businesses. We are accelerating the Berlin ecosystem by providing a playground to those that want to invent, change, improve and grow. Building bridges with blue chips, SMB's and the international tech community is supporting the momentum we are here to accelerate. 

The Factory team combines entrepreneurial experience with expertise in community and event management. We believe that the secret to our collective success lies in the network of founders and enablers that make up our community. 

Join us and become a part of this great community. 

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